Book Review: March in Country

While Knight’s ninth entry to the Vampire Earth series is better then the previous three, it fails to propel the story forward in any meaningful way which is unfortunate as the premise holds the potential for so much more. Major David Valentine and the Kurian are in a race to settle the rich, predominantly empty lands between the Ohio River, Tennessee and Kentucky. Leading a small but determined band of freedom fighters, Valentine hatches a daring scheme to move in reinforcements via rail, a desperate gamble in a high stakes game for the future of humanity at a time when most have given their allegiance to the alien invaders.

The choppy, disjointed storyline coupled with marginally developed characters and a limited view of world events sabotage what started as a strong series. Characters from earlier in the series are barely mentioned while the battles and action sequences failed to tie together the overall story leaving readers to wonder if perhaps it is time to retire Major Valentine and the series.


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