Book Review: Magic Without Mercy

Although Allison Beckstrom aided by soul compliment Zayvion and her dedicated band of Hounds have defeated some powerful foes, they can hardly catch a nap before ex-Guardian Roman Grimshaw steps through a gate with grim news. Not only is the Authority hunting for Allison and her allies, ancient soul compliments Leander and Isabelle are roaming the globe on a mission to destroy all other similar couples in a bid for unlimited power. Worse, magic is somehow being poisoned to such an extent that Allie is rendered incapable of casting the simplest spell without considerable pain. The poison is spreading throughout Portland and could potentially kill millions if it seeps into magic throughout the world. Allison, aided by the ghost of her father seeks for a cure while trying to stay one-step ahead of Authority agents who want to see her dead. When an antidote is found, unlocking how to use it won’t be simple, especially as a power mad Death magic wielder wants to see it destroyed. Dog tired and out of options, Allie and her loyal band must stand alone against an overwhelming opponent to save magic and quite possibly, the world.

Fast-paced, action packed and jammed full of all manner of magical mayhem, the eighth book of the Allison Beckstrom Novels pits the Hounds against the nastiest foes to date. The Authority continues its myopic view of magic use yet manages to miss the big picture despite numerous warnings. While the ongoing storyline is engrossing, it does tend to make readers wonder if magic eventually turns most users into power crazy nut jobs and just how much battering Allie can take. The climax sees death cheated yet again when a key character is brought back to life. In the process of winding up the storyline, the premise is set up for the next life and death struggle that is beginning to feel repetitive.

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