Book Review: Magic Slays

Things have been tough for Kate Daniels after she left the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid and with Pack assistance, started her own business. The Order has been hard at work on a smear campaign against Kate and being mated to Curran the Beast Lord means residents of this alternate Atlanta are terrified of getting on his bad side. Following a call from the Master of the Dead that ended badly, Kate is joined by her old friend Andrea just in time to take a case from the Red Guard. The inventor of a mysterious device has gone missing from under their noses and the Red Guard want him and the missing device returned.

When Kate discovers the fanatical Lighthouse Keepers are involved with the disappearance she knows things are about to get ugly. As the presence of sleeper cells and high level infiltrations into the Pack, the Order and The People becomes known, so too does the Lighthouse Keepers intent and it could spell the end of Atlanta and all magic using inhabitants. With the clock ticking, Kate must learn how to use her blood magic if she is to save those closest to her.

Fifth of the Kate Daniels series delivers nonstop action and a few surprises while adding considerable background and depth to Kate’s character as she begins stretching her magic usage. Kate’s relationship with Curran, her ward Julie and distant relatives play a larger role in this installment adding a humanizing touch to this strong, dynamic character while sowing the seeds for future developments. Penned by a husband and wife team, this series continues to deliver top-notch urban fantasy.


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