Book Review: Lure of the Wicked

After Naomi West’s latest assignment for the Holy Order, her loyalty has come under scrutiny despite all her previous hard work and impressive record. As a result, Naomi’s latest assignment isn’t out on the streets where she is most comfortable, instead she is ensconced within the luxurious interior of the Timeless spa working undercover to find a rouge agent. In a few short hours Naomi rescues spa owner Phinneas Clarke’s grandmother from a sauna malfunctioning under suspicious circumstances, feels the presence of a witch and was then attacked.

Years earlier, a world-altering catastrophe resulted in the vilification of all witches thanks in large part to the Holy Order. The Order aggressively hunts and destroys witches, which is why Phin turned Timeless into an underground railroad for moving witches to safe haven. The stakes are raised as sparks fly between Naomi and Phin, especially as they are aware they both have secrets that could jeopardize everything they hold dear.

Book two of the Dark Mission series builds on the foundation established in Blood of the Wicked while telling the steamy story of characters just naturally at odds with each other. Phinneas makes a strong leading male character, a necessity when confronting Naomi’s rough exterior. The storyline is sufficiently complex to hold the reader’s interest and doesn’t rely too much on the paranormal angle lending a realistic feel. With the appearance of previous characters and hints at what to expect in the next installment, fans will be find it hard to be patient for the next book.


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