Book Review: Love in the Air

A chance encounter on an airplane with Gerry Kincaid, a handsome stranger leads pottery artist Elyse Bearden to start reevaluating her marriage in earnest. She has been vaguely unhappy for a long time, her husband Phil is a great father but seems indifferent to her accomplishments as an artist or a person. Elyse finally persuades Phil to join her in marriage counseling but it is a lost cause. Married a wealthy older man, Elyse’s best friend Kelly is no happier as they commensurate together.

The women’s warm friendships form a nice contrast to Phil’s cold, off-putting nature as they engage in the many daily activities that keep them busy. While the main theme is a formula as you get, Wright’s authentic dialog and clever wit keep the story fresh. The only off-note comes at the climax when Elyse’s marriage truly comes apart in an act that seems uncharacteristic of Phil’s temperament.

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