Book Review: Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

Successful internet PR specialist Rachel Fielding’s life has just fallen apart. After ten years as “the other woman”, Rachel has broken up with her lover, quit her job and lost use of her fashionable London flat. On top of that, Rachel’s Aunt Dot has recently died and left her with an extensive country property holding including a canine rescue center and boarding facility but no funds to keep it going. Overwhelmed with everything she must do and emotionally reeling, Rachel struggles to rebuild her life with the aid of George, the grumpy local vet, Dot’s old dog Gem, Megan, Zoë, Natalie and a kennel full of dogs looking for a second chance.

Although the story revolves around Rachel, Zoë and Natalie, it is packed with finely developed characters doing their best to deal with the curves life throws at them, and like real people, sometimes failing. Through the Natalie’s heartbreak at being unable to conceive, Zoë’s insensitive ex-husband and Rachel’s contentious relationship with her mother, the unconditional love and acceptance of the rescue dogs blazes the path to growth. Watching these characters stumble and eventually persevere with the help of canine companions makes for a sweet, thoughtful read.



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