Book Review: Locked In

Going into her private investigating office one foggy evening, owner/director Sharon McCone fell victim to a gunman’s bullet that left her critically injured. When Shar regained consciousness, she was perfectly lucid but suffering what is call the locked-in syndrome, totally incapable of speech or movement. How can she hope to solve this very personal murder attempt in such a condition? Fortunately, Shar spent considerable time requiting and training her staff, an effort that is about to pay off as they rally to her aid.

Politics, blackmail, murder and love come together for an enjoyable read in book eleven of the Sharon McCone mystery series. The many subplots add considerable depth without taking away from the main storyline. Characters like Shar’s nephew Mick that have been carefully built in previous titles come into their own as they unravel a complex network of interpersonal relations, embezzlement and more. As this novel assumes readers have prior knowledge of the many characters, newcomers to the series would be well-advised to start with earlier titles.

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