Book Review: Like No Other Place

In 2008 and 2009, photographer David Owen and his wife Anne left their Canton, Connecticut home to experience first hand the beauty of western Nebraska and the resilience of its inhabitants. Settling into the town of Ellsworth, population thirteen, Owen took his time exploring the surrounding ranches and countryside including the Sand Hills. While meeting with and gaining the trust of the scattered residents who despite the distances separating them maintained a strong sense of community, Owen found himself drawn into a different life. Liberally illustrated with striking black and white photographs, Owen succeeds in capturing the grandeur, isolation and gritty determination of the land and its people. Heartwarming stories and poetry reveal the generous nature and daily routines of the ranchers who welcomed Owen and his wife into their lives. Whether you’ve driven the back roads of America’s Great Plains or simply dreamed about it, this book allows armchair travelers to experience the heartland up close and personal.

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