Book Review: Left Hand Magic

Looking for affordable housing drove metal sculptor Tate Eresby to seek an apartment in Golgotham, a segment of the Big Apple occupied by Kymerans, a magic wielding race as well as all manner of other non-human species. After a newspaper spread drew attention to Golgotham, trendy thrill seekers began flooding the streets and bars creating racial tensions.

Tate’s Kymeran love interest Hexe is a powerful right hand magic practitioner and heir apparent to the throne. Though they realized there would be challenges to their interspecies love, Tate and Hexe quickly discover deep rifts between humans, Kymerans and assorted law enforcement agencies. Hexe’s uncle Esau carefully fans the flames of discontent between the Sons of Adam, a hardcore anti-Kymeran group and an anti-human movement. As a demon roams free to do Essau’s bidding, Tate finds herself accused not only of murdering two Kymerans but also of being a spy. As tensions come to a head, Tate discovers her time in Golgotham has triggered the growth of latent magical abilities all her own, abilities that might just save the day.

Picking up the story shortly after Right Hand Magic, Collins continues to build on the diverse world of Golgotham while diving into the very real issues of racial tension and family strife. Although much of the storyline has been done, the assortment of characters helps keep the plot fresh. It is interesting to see so many genuine problems faced by inner cities today cropping up in an urban fantasy and it adds a layer of credibility to the setting.
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