Book Review: Last to Die

While mourning the death her father, Lancaster, Maryland detective Dani Cole is recalled to duty when Rosie McNamara, a former hooker is found murdered. Dani, who takes the idea of civic duty seriously by lending a hand to the down and out, had assisted Rosie in rebuilding her life after quitting prostitution. In the space of a week, six women including Rosie were found dead and some tenuous clues point toward Dani’s high school beau Mitch Sheridan. The investigation results in the killer focusing on Dani as Mitch works to gain her trust and love but they are both rapidly running out of time.

Brady’s second romantic thriller features a nicely layered protagonist with plenty of emotional baggage to cope with while confronted with a prolific killer and a determined suitor. The many subplots work together as Dani attempts to prove herself after a bitter betrayal in this action packed whodunit. While not the most original story, Brady does an excellent job of fleshing out the characters and maintaining a credible amount of tension right up to the conclusion.

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