Book Review: Last Breath

Book eleven of the popular Morganville Vampire series won’t disappoint as it opens with Eve working on wedding plans to her vampire lover, Michael. Morganville residents, vampire and human alike are less then thrilled at this improbable marriage and despite numerous warnings, the couple continue to make arrangements. Such concerns quickly take a back seat to the more pressing problem of disappearing vampires. After a bit of clever sleuthing, Claire realizes Morganville vampires began vanishing about the same time mysterious newcomer Magnus came to town. Her suspicions are only heightened after witnessing Magnus with a couple of the now missing vampires but before Claire can act, she falls victim to a horrible crime. Claire will have to make a potentially life changing choice before having a chance to save those she loves but is then faced with the question,  how do mere humans hold their own against a foe that feeds off vampires.

Caine’s signature rapid fire pace, plot twists and excellent character development deliver another stellar installment to the series. Clearly, Morganville is poised at the brink of annihilation that even the residents of the now changed Glass House may not survive as they are pushed to their limits and beyond. This one will leave fans breathless for the next installment and indeed, feels like a stepping-stone to the real conclusion.

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