Book Review: Knitting in Tuscany

Best selling author and designer Nicky Epstein shares her love of Tuscany and knitting in this bumpy collection of fifteen knit designs. Equal parts travelogue and pattern book, this features plenty of helpful tips on traveling through Tuscany, hitting all the yarn shops and interesting farms along the way. What is less inspiring are the designs which range from a bold but simplistic knit and felted Chianti Rooster Pillow to the ambitious Bella Bride’s Dress.  Those looking for a neat project to knit up for that special child will want to check out the felted Pinocchio figure.

While the Siena Rooftop Sweater features a rich texture, it comes off as too bulky and square to be a truly fashionable garment. With the price of cashmere one can’t help but be disappointed in the Cashmere Necklette made up of knit medallions that look like something our grandmothers used as dresser scarves. The flared Cypress Capelet is a nice understated design with just the right amount of texture and shape to be stylish, its too bad more of the other patterns were not as well conceived.

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