Book Review: Kiss of Temptation

Viking leader Ivak Sigurdsson thought nothing of bedding every tempting woman who had the misfortune of crossing his path, up to and including the wife of his best friend. After being run through by a pitchfork, Ivak was given the choice between true death or becoming a vampire angel or vangel charged with fighting Satan’s vampire demons through the ages. Move forward into present day when lawyer Gabrielle Sonnier approaches Ivak with a plea to free her brother from prison despite her distrust of people in general and men in particular. As the two dance around each other, the vangels must track down an ancient nemesis while averting disaster. All the while in the background, Tanie Lulu is stirring up plenty of mischief and matchmaking keeping the action light as Ivak and Gabrielle learn some valuable life lessons and even an archangel can be proven wrong.

This latest book of A Deadly Angels series has plenty of humor and assorted issues with trust, love and lust but fails to measure up to previous work by this talented author. At times, it feels as though this can’t decide what direction the storyline should go as some plot points are glossed over amidst tiresome sexual innuendos. The character development could be more solid and really, with their teenage humor, violent tendencies and frankly sexist attitudes, the vangels come off as being stuck in a time warp rather then growing as people through their years of service. The conclusion has a nice little twist as Gabrielle discovers she has had a champion in her corner all along but this isn’t enough to carry the tale. Readers looking for a good paranormal romance series might want to look elsewhere.



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