Book Review: Kiss of Snow

Tenth of the Psy-Changeling series centers on Hawke, alpha of the SnowDancer wolf pack and his romance with powerful the Cardinal X-Psy Sienna Lauren while building up to a battle between the Changelings and the Psy Council looking to make an example of them. Hawke believes he has forever lost his chance of having a mate yet the lovely Sienna seems to challenge both his authority and control at every opportunity. Sienna has difficulty controlling her power which occasionally threatens to overwhelm her best efforts to keep it contained. She is attracted to Hawke but he is beyond reluctant to acknowledge that attraction. During a potent dance, Hawke and Sienna finally drop their pretences and begin to resolve their many issues.

Paralleling the main romance is the story of Lara, SnowDancer pack healer and Sienna’s uncle Walker. The memory of throwing herself at Walker only to have him firmly rebuff her still mortifies Lara yet she cannot help but want a lasting relationship with him. Meanwhile, Hawke is trying to prepare the pack for the confrontation that is sure to erupt on their borders and there is plenty of friction within the Psy Council resulting in splinter groups. For the pack to survive, Hawke and Sienna must learn to work together while Walker displays an invaluable, unexpected talent that could save them all.

Fans have waited a long time for Hawke’s love story and this delivers a satisfying tale while tying up several subplots from previous books. At the same time, some new material has been added that will most certainly come into play during the next installment. Several of familiar characters make an appearance along with a few new ones providing continuity while injecting new material. This does an excellent job of setting up the next story without feeling like a transition book and promises much more to come.  


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