Book Review: Justice in June

After a failed engagement to one of the lawyers at the firm where she worked, Miami defense attorney Mary Magruder Katz decided to set up her own law office. What promised to be just another Monday was quickly transformed by a call from Judge Elizabeth Maxwell who was under scrutiny by the state attorney’s office in connection with a drug related assassination style killing. That call was followed by Mary’s boyfriend, Carlos Martin requesting that she look into the terrorism charges against a distant Argentinean relative and do whatever is necessary to keep the man out of Guantanamo. Carlos has been slapped with a lawsuit concerning his latest development project and now his parents and hers have decided to it is time to get involved in their kid’s growing relationship. As Mary digs deeper into the Judge’s case, it becomes clear someone is setting Elizabeth up. It will take teamwork to expose a clever plan and see justice is done for all concerned.

Excellent character development, romantic undertones and three intertwining plots keep the action moving in this entertaining, fast read. While a bit predictable, it is a delight to watch Mary at work, maintaining a cool head in the midst of chaos as she unravels a complex trail.

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