Book Review: Joyful Cooking

After suffering debilitating pain from a mysterious illness, Feldman began doing serious research that led her to discovering a different approach to food and cooking which allowed her to begin living pain free. Basing much of her approach on the results of a hair analysis to determine the oxidation rate, Feldman advocates the use of yin and yang foods to achieve a balanced diet based upon whether you are a fast or slow oxidizer. Packed with sound nutritional information and tasty recipes that maintain a steady glycemic index, this book examines the different needs of growing children, pregnant women or women looking to become pregnant and dieters.

The well-designed format features plenty of easy to understand charts and for those interested in learning about their metabolism, information about getting a hair test is included. Some items such as rice bread may be difficult to locate in smaller communities but most rely on fresh, easy to find, preferably organic meats, produce and spices. Although most of the nutritional information has been available for years, this reader friendly presentation makes it more accessible. Whether you are looking to lose weight, raise healthier kids or simply start eating and feeling better, this is a good place to start.

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