Book Review: It Happens Every Day

The statistics are frightening, according to the Department of Justice sixty seven percent of sexual assault victims are juveniles, one in seven is under the age of six and worse, ninety three percent were victimized by someone they know and trust. A deputy district attorney for LA County, Sax brings a wealth of first hand experience to this sobering topic as she gives readers a comprehensive back room view of how these cases are handled from the first report to the courtroom. Sax discusses all aspects of this horrific crime including the differences between adult and child sexual assault, how to talk to your child about abuse. Medical examinations, what to expect in court and the lasting impact of an assault are presented in understandable language free of lawyer-speak.  Several suggestions are put forth about how to make the medical and judicial proceedings more child friendly.

This is a serious, eye-opening examination of how the court system works, what doesn’t work and how to navigate through the criminal justice system. Sax’s list of suggestions regarding how to change and improve the system is meant to generate open dialog about addressing this serious problem. Parents, grandparents and caregivers will find this an invaluable reference as well as an important wakeup call.


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