Book Review: Inca Knits

Isager’s collection of Inca inspired sweaters and three hats include distinctive animal and geometric motifs along with some nice surprises as well. Although worked primarily with fine gauge yarn, many of the designs are worked using double strands so beginning knitters need not be intimidated by using fingering weight. The color pattern charts are large enough to be easily read and the garment schematics make sizing easy. Sidebars provide helpful construction notes on everything from slipping stitches to how to measure particular pattern segments and each pattern includes the inspiration that led to their design. Most patterns include a distinctive design element such as well placed welts, two color stranded knitting, tassels or the use of short rows.
Worked in traditional colors, the “Llama” sweater combines the charming animal repeat with a geometric pattern that is the epitome of Inca style knitting and simply begs to be knit in the softest alpaca. The large chevrons, zippered neckline and distinctive edgings of the “Indiana” come together in a classic men’s sweater. Inspired by a fisherman’s sweater, the “Pacific” is not a pattern most knitters would equate with Incan garments but the soft colors, a few well placed cables and simple lines make a striking design. More advanced knitters looking for a challenge will want to try the reversible “Circles” cardigan worked in double-knit. Whether you are a relative beginner or an experienced knitter, the design details and fine finishing make this collection stand out.
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