Book Review: In Harms Way

Set in Sun Valley, Idaho, Pearson’s latest thriller opens with Sheriff Walt Fleming’s girlfriend, Fiona Kenshaw dramatically rescuing a drowning child, an action that garnered unwanted media attention. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Washington, homicide detective Lou Boldt is investigating the murder of Caroline Vetta, a woman with something of an obsession for dating big name sports professionals. Boldt requests Fleming’s aid in setting up interviews with a couple sports figures currently residing in the Sun Valley area.

When Martel Gale, a retired NFL linebacker recently released from jail is found on the side of the road the two lawmen realize there is a link between him and the murdered woman. As tensions mount, Kenshaw is coping with blackouts and has no memory of what happened. Fleming and Boldt must work together if they are to clear the natural suspicions that arise because of Kenshaw’s lapses and identify the real murderer in their midst.

Pearson’s lackluster offering serves up one-dimensional characters and a storyline that fails to deliver much punch, which is unfortunate as it combines the leading males from two popular series. The conclusion will leave mystery fans feeling gypped, especially given the overall impression that it was rushed and untidy. You might want to give this one a miss and hope Pearson hits his stride with the next book.

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