Book Review: Ice Cold

With tensions currently escalating between the United States and Russia and speculation about the possibility of another cold war, this collection of twenty new tales from the first cold war is particularly timely. Jeffery Deaver’s “Comrade 35” starts things rolling with a completely different take on President Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas. “The Last Confession” by John Lescroart rolls mental health, a cruel practical joke/lesson and revenge together for a captivating tale about a judge facing his own endgame. An old ex-dairy farmer is murdered, the murderer was an intense man who spent years researching who killed his father yet justice is elusive in Joseph Finder’s “Police Report.”

As with any anthology, some stories are outstanding while others like “The Everyday Housewife” are less so but for the most part, this is a strong collection. Even the weaker offerings are entertaining and most include a nice twist or two. This is just the book to tuck into your pocket to brighten those times when you’re stuck in a waiting room or on a plane.

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