Book Review: I, Monster

Reading these chilling accounts from a sampling of the worst, most deviant killers, sometimes shown in their own handwriting, will leave true crime fans with a lingering sense of being tainted somehow. High profile serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Parker Ray and Dennis Rader are included along with figures out of history like Jack the Ripper. Each chapter begins with an overview of the crimes committed and where possible, summaries of their upbringing, education and work history before plunging into first hand accounts of their misdeeds. Some common threads seem to bind most of these worst of the worst together: they had horrible, abusive upbringings, sexual gratification played a major role in their actions and they all lacked a conscience. What makes this collection stand out from the field is the pages of handwritten documents from the killers themselves, they are quite disturbing yet shed light on what goes on in a psychopath’s mind.


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