Book Review: Hunt the Moon

Fifth of the Cassandra Palmer series comes on strong with plenty of action as Cassie begins growing into her potential. While Cassie awaits her official coronation as Pythia, she is under constant guard and taking instruction in self-defense with the threat of attack ever present. When it comes, the attack takes a form no one has ever seen before. Pritkin, a war mage kicked out of Hell goes to Faerie in search of answers. Meanwhile Cassie, accompanied by Mircea journey back in time just as her mother is kidnapped. As Cassie works toward keeping her mother alive, she must also find out what or who is behind the more personal attack and come up with some answers before it’s too late.

Interpersonal relationships and further character development make this installment to the series shine. Readers will learn more about the histories and motivations that drive Mircea and Pritkin. The shaky romance between Cassie and Mircea continues but it is the sizzle between Pritkin and Cassie that steals the show and will leave readers anxiously awaiting more from this engaging series.

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