Book Review: Hunger Untamed

Ever since Ariana, Queen of the Ilinas severed her mating bond with Kougar over a millennia ago, the Feral Warrior has been an emotional and functional cripple trying to defend his people. Then unaccountably, Ariana’s second, Melisande showed up with news that his mate was alive and reconnected the bond. Days later, two of Kougar’s warriors are caught in a Daemon spirit trap; he must swallow his pride and bitterness at her betrayal and request assistance from Ariana, the only person capable of freeing them. When Ariana refuses to help, Kougar naturally assumes she is being the nasty bitch he believes her to be when in fact, she is trying desperately to keep not only her people but also Kougar’s out of the clutches of the encroaching darkness brought about by a power mad sorcerer. The two former lovers must find a way of developing a genuine trust if they and their people are to survive the upcoming storm but trust is hard won and easily broken.

Book five of the Feral Warriors series delivers plenty of action that plays off the idea of consequences in a big way. Although Kougar and Ariana recognized establishing a match between their two races would be difficult, they had no idea the challenges and battles ahead of them. Each is staunchly dedicated to the survival of their people yet essential trust remains elusive, especially when Ariana tends to side with Melisande more then Kougar, the supposed love of her life. This fast-paced thriller is just what readers have come to expect from Palmer and her Feral Warriors yet not so overwhelming that newcomers cannot enjoy the tale as well.



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