Book Review: How Dare You Say How Dare Me!

Comedian Pat Cooper’s entertaining memoir opens with recollections of his Italian family headed by a strict, no-nonsense father who fully expected his son to become a bricklayer. He began pursuing his passion by doing impersonations on the side and when happenstance opened a place on the Fox Amateur Hour radio show, Pat won first place thus creating an even wider chasm between him and his family. After his father left home, Pat began to shoulder the responsibilities that came with being man of the house, working various jobs he loathed and performing every chance he had.

Marrying to escape his family proved disastrous as Pat’s young wife and in-laws had no more understanding of his need to entertain then his father did. The marriage fell apart when Pat’s wife threw his possessions out in the street and failed to honor the court ordered visitation rights to his young daughter. Throughout that tumultuous time, Pat continued honing his skills, eventually earning regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show and the rest, as they say, is history.

Filled with hilarious anecdotes, tragic family troubles, incredible lucky breaks and Pat’s unmistakable brand of angry humor, this provides an inside look at what it took to become a successful comic during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. This shows what dedication can accomplish in the face of obstacles and one man’s attempts to live life true to his principles whether others like it or not.

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