Book Review: Hilter in the Crosshairs

Ira Teen Palm was just an average Joe with strong musical talent when he marched off to war against the Germans but bolstered by his love for sweetheart Helen and a deep-seated faith in God, became so much more. Rising to the rank of second lieutenant, Palm took part in an a previously unknown, unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler and came away with the custom-made pistol given to the dictator by the Walther family. Palm eventually earned a chestful of medals during his distinguished military career and came home with the special gun yet this is less a war memoir then a testament to one man’s strength of character and firm religious foundation.

Woodbridge and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Possley are to be commended for presenting this moving, well-written story about an ordinary man facing the worst sights, sounds and challenges of a bloody war with grace and dignity. Whether your interests are historical, spiritual or just looking for a good read, it is difficult to do better then this.

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