Book Review: Haunt Me Still

In her follow-up to Interred with Their Bones, Carrell looks to add an unusual twist to Shakespeare’s Macbeth by the supposed addition of ritual magic written into the original script. When the reclusive, slightly eccentric Lady Nairn approached Kate Stanley with a job directing the play using a hand selected cast, it seemed too tempting an opportunity to turn down. Lady Nairn had once played the female lead and this private production will feature a slew of her husband’s collection of Macbeth antiques. Before long, Kate is embroiled in a frightening real life horror of murder, kidnapping, a mirror and witches linking the past with the present.

This predictable suspense lacks the punch of Interred with Their Bones as the inclusion of supernatural elements lack credibility as they prove to be ineffective plot devices. Kate’s previous love interest Ben Pearl makes a brief appearance, hardly surprising given that he has dumped her and moved on while she remains in limbo. The one dimensional characters, choppy storyline and weak, formula attempt at romance will leave readers wondering what happened to an author capable of so much more.


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