Book Review: Hard Bitten

Since that fateful night when she was attacked on a Chicago college campus and turned into a vampire by Ethan, the sexy ruler of Cadogan House in order to save her, Merit’s life has not been the same. Shortly after being turned, Ethan appointed Merit to the post of Sentinel. Then the shapeshifters revealed their presence to the general public, a move that caused paranoid reaction amongst the more fanatical humans who felt anything not human should be destroyed. In the midst of this atmosphere of distrust and simmering hatred comes a summons from the mayor regarding vampire attacks taking place at underground raves. The message Merit carried out of that meeting was simple enough, get to the bottom of those attacks and see to it there are no more. A task much easier said then done after Merit uncovers the use of dangerous drugs by some of Chicago’s vampires and worse, her nemesis Celina is involved.

As Merit digs deeper into Chicago’s underbelly and her rocky romance with Ethan continues its bumpy course, she discovers the shocking truth about who orchestrated the attack and her subsequent turning the night her life was forever changed. By following the ties from the perpetrator to the power, Merit unravels the mastermind behind the violence and drugs, but at a terrible cost.

The fourth book of the Chicagoland Vampires delivers enough action, plot twists and fights to satisfy the most jaded urban fantasy reader and that’s not including the surprising climax that will change the future of Chicago and Cadogan House. As with previous titles in the series, the pace is nonstop and the politics intriguing, reminiscent of Laurell K. Hamilton’s early Anita Blake titles before being taken over by gratuitous sex.

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