Book Review: Halfway Hexed

Ever since Tammy Jo Trask first manifested magical abilities just a few short months ago, her life has not been the same. For one thing, Tammy’s spells nearly always go awry for another; her use of magic has not gone unnoticed by the World Association of Magic, WAM. The president of WAM is due to arrive in Tammy’s hometown of Duvall, Texas just as her nemesis Jenna, backed up by a bible thumping gang called DeeDAW set about ridding the town of witches. After coping with two kidnappings in one day, Tammy seeks assistance from local wizard and sometime love interest Bryn Lyons despite the injunction against the two interacting.

As WAM conducts its investigation and DeeDAW continues to make Tammy’s life miserable, she must fight her attraction to Bryn as an old family prophesy warns against entanglements with the Lyon’s family. Unfortunately, WAM’s president has decided Duvall’s powerful tor is a prize worth destroying the town to obtain which leaves Tammy and Bryn little choice but to combine their powers if they are to save Duvall. Clearly, Tammy isn’t going to let prophecies and family issues cloud her perception of right and wrong in a little town that is just learning how fortunate they are to have a witch on their side.

A brisk pace coupled with colorful characters and light humor makes this an enjoyable romp. Tammy’s inept use of magic, a cool ocelot familiar and quick thinking under pressure carry her through astounding family revelations. Readers may wonder why Bryn continues to tolerate Tammy’s shabby treatment of him but she manages to come through when it’s a matter of life and death. Readers new to the Southern Witch series will be able to dive in and enjoy although to fully appreciate the character nuances it is best to start at the beginning.




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