Book Review: Grave Sight

Readers new to Charlaine Harris’s popular Harper Connelly series as well as those who read the original book will enjoy this graphic novel adaptation. At fifteen years old, Harper was struck by lightening and when she recovered, discovered a unique ability to sense the dead and actually relive their final moments. Together with her stepbrother Tolliver, Harper turned that ability into a career assisting clients find lost relatives as they crisscrossed the country. Her latest case brought them to the little town of Sarne, Arkansas and right from the start, Harper was subject to hostility. As Harper began doing what she did best, it became clear that there was someone in town willing to do whatever it takes to keep the secrets of the dead buried. If she can’t unravel the many loose ends while keeping herself and Tolliver out of trouble with the law, Harper could wind up joining the dead.

By necessity, this well executed adaptation had to dispense with much of the character development and internal dialog to become more action driven then than the original. What is surprising is how well Harris and team were at preserving the basic heart of the story. The artwork is superb and the color scheme makes it easier to distinguish between flashbacks and current events. While this is an excellent introduction to the series, please do try to read the book.

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