Book Review: Grave Secret

A lightening strike left Harper Connelly with the unusual ability to connect with the bones of the dead. With the support of her stepbrother Tolliver, Harper turned that talent into a means of earning a living by locating bodies and catching glimpses of their final moments. As they traveled the country going from job to job Harper and Tolliver’s relationship gradually evolved from siblings to lovers, a situation that leaves clients and family feeling awkward.

Thanks to their parents slide into drugs and alcohol, Harper and her siblings had an extremely difficult childhood that left them fractured from one another. While working on a case in Texas, Harper and Tolliver learn from older brother Mark that their father has been released from jail, seeking forgiveness and yet another chance to make things right. Harper remains determined to find out what happened to her sister Cameron who disappeared off the streets as a teenager. The bombshell Harper dropped while reading a private cemetery quickly placed lives in danger, irrevocably changing three families while revealing some awful truths about the lengths people will go to in order to protect themselves and loved ones.

Fourth in the Harper Connelly Mystery series, this plumbs the darkest corners of family ties while maintaining tension throughout the assorted twists and turns. The reactions Harper and Tolliver encounter with their changed relationship ring true, especially to those familiar with small town attitudes and religious zeal. Although the identity and motives of some antagonists are predictable, there are plenty of surprises that manage to neatly package several subplots. This is another solid entry in what is proving to be one of the better paranormal mystery series.



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