Book Review: Gemstone Settings

If you are ready to take your metal smithing and gem setting to the next level, check out the latest release by Young, author of The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques. This comprehensive volume walks readers through developing design ideas, establishing a comfortable workspace with the appropriate tools and the properties of a dizzying array of natural and synthetic gemstones before delving into the myriad of gemstone setting techniques. These begin with lost wax casting, carving, computer-aided design, basic bezels, tubes, flush and channel setting, prongs, crowns, grain, pave and a host of other techniques guaranteed to spark the imagination and send readers running for their tools. Each setting type is presented with a skill level, helpful tips on stone selection, which metals to use, construction details, style variations and close-up, step-by-step photography of work in progress.

Even if you are already setting gemstones, this guide is certain to be an invaluable reference as it clarifies techniques and provides copious inspiration. The photography is top notch and the written instructions are clear enough to encourage readers to take the plunge and try different ideas. There is something here for jewelers at all levels so grab a copy and prepare to be wowed by the possibilities.

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