Book Review: Fury

In the little town of Ascension, Maine two high school students discover decisions have serious consequences. Football player Chase Singer and popular Emily Winters, Em for short, are about to run afoul of the Furies, three beautiful vengeful wraiths who like nothing better then making people pay for their crimes. With news of the tragic suicide attempt of an unpopular girl in the junior class, students are looking for reasons why though they all know they played some part in teasing or humiliating Sasha. Chase knows more about the causes then anyone and although he is sorry, he is about to learn being sorry isn’t simply enough.

Em knows her best friend Gabby is crazy about Zach McCord but that doesn’t prevent her from getting way too close and personal with him while Gabby is out of town. Consumed by guilt and haunted by two beautiful girls who keep giving her a red flower, Em learns some harsh life lessons at the cost of true love.

This young adult horror tale starts out slowly before picking up speed although it never becomes fast-paced. While readers can certainly understand the reasons Chase feels he has to continue working hard at maintaining his place as part of the “in” crowd, he is not a likeable character. Much more time is given to developing Em’s character which is why readers will likely be able to sympathize more with the consequences of her actions. The reason the Fury’s target these two ordinary teens who’s transgressions while bad, don’t seem horrific enough to warrant the punishments they receive is never revealed. The unusual premise is sound; leaving readers to wish Miles would have developed it differently and created a stronger story.

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