Book Review: Fubarnomics

Beginning with the controversial viewpoint that America needs to drop the politically correct veneer and grow a large enough pair of gonads to make difficult choices, Wright takes aim at special interests groups, pork barrel politics, colleges and self absorbed, inefficient institutions. From health insurance to the construction industry, no target is safe from FURBAR, the acronym from the military expression “f—ed up beyond all recognition.

While making excellent points, Wright frequently fails to provide sufficient statistical evidence to back up some of his assertions regarding the current Asian markets and educational system. Some of his arguments like effectiveness of graduates from different educations systems for instance, fail to take into account the differences in costs between countries but these points aside; this is an entertaining look at what’s wrong with the current marketplace. Anyone who has ever felt as though they are being held hostage by the healthcare system or general corporate mismanagement will appreciate Wright’s observations and insights.

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