Book Review: Free to Fall

In the not so distant future, people are relying upon a decision making app known as Lux to tell them when to get up, what to wear, who to date and basically direct every aspect of their lives. Great if you want nothing more then a safe, sterile, unchallenging existence. High school student Rory is thrilled to have been accepted into the same prestigious Theden Academy that her mother attended and it is through Theden that she meets North, a young man who advocates doing without the indispensable Lux. A hacker himself, North has dug up a wealth of information most people never bother looking into. Thanks to North’s influence, Rory begins making her own choices and accepting the consequences but in a society where people are valued according to a point system, such freedom can be dangerous.

This interesting cautionary tale explores the dangers of allowing technology to replace common sense and good judgment with a fast moving storyline that includes several subplots. The character development is top notch as Rory begins thinking for herself and North, with his intelligent wit is an excellent protagonist. With no shortage of plot twists, this young adult book will captivate your interest regardless of age.


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