Book Review: Flying Blind

This offshoot of Cooke’s paranormal romance series Dragonfire will appeal to tweens and teens as fifteen-year-old Zoë Sorensson desperately hopes to grow into her powers as the Pyr Wyvern and hopefully get a set of boobs as well. Despite showing great promise as an infant, once Zoë hit age two any hint of special powers disappeared and now she can’t even change into dragon form. An act of bullying taps into Zoë’s hidden potential but earns her a place at the spring break boot camp for Pyr teens.

For centuries the Pyr have believed all mages were long gone when in truth, the spellcasters had been using that time to study their adversaries, the shapeshifters. With only four kinds of shapeshifters remaining, if the Pyr cannot defeat this ancient threat it could spell the end for all of them. As the Pyr’s one and only living Wyvern, Zoë is going to have to learn how to utilize and control her powers practically overnight in order to save those she loves but first, she must keep her best friends from killing her.

Reminiscent of MaryJanice Davidson’s Jennifer Scales series, this features a strong, likable protagonist struggling with all the usual issues of growing up and dealing with first romances plus defending her people. Fortunately, Zoë gets assistance from a couple of unexpected sources yet during the final battles, it is her willingness to sacrifice everything and fight for her loved ones that saves the day and gains some hard won confidence.


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