Book Review: Fly By Wire

When the brand new fly-by-wire CargoAir C-500 crashes in France while on what should have been a routine flight to Houston, National Safety Board Investigator and retired fighter pilot Frank “Jammer” Davis is on the first response team. As Davis begins digging for answers into what brought the jet down, suicide bombers attack oil refineries around the globe resulting in shortages and plunging the already shaky world markets into a tailspin. As Davis, assisted by CIA agent and sometime love interest, Anna Sorensen begin closing in on the cause they realize there are ties between the crash and recent terrorist activities. The question now is who is orchestrating this comprehensive attempt to ruin the world markets and why.

This thriller seamlessly combines current world market events with technology to create a credible mystery read that holds readers attention and delivers a solid finish. The only off note is Larsen’s attempt to “humanize” Davis by introducing family issues which come off as an afterthought, adding little to the story but overall, this is good stuff.

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