Book Review: Fated

Fate, better known these days as Fabio Delucci has become disillusioned with his job, a never-ending repetition of the Fate Generator program responsible for the misfortunes and screwups that plague humanity. It doesn’t help that he reports directly to Jerry, aka God who has noticed a definite decline in Fabio’s work. As Fabio’s girlfriend Destiny gets to handle all the overachievers, inventors and Nobel award winners it’s no wonder their romance is drifting towards mundane. Unaccountably, Fabio falls in love with Sara a human woman and breaks Jerry’s number one law forbidding immortals to get directly involved with humans. By directly meddling with Sara who was firmly on Destiny’s path, Fabio proceeds to break a slew of laws with interesting consequences all round.

Fresh, thought provoking satirical wit translates into a delightful view of Humor, Death, Luck, Anger, and a host of other characters who wander through humanity while displaying many of the personality quirks of their charges. The story draws readers in while the cutting humor creates a picture of the human condition that is all great fun and proves Browne is more then just a one-trick pony.


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