Book Review: Fair Game

Anna Latham, a rare Omega wolf is understandably concerned about Charles Cornick, her mate who has been forced to become an executioner. Once werewolves made the decision to come out of hiding and make their presence known to the general population, the Marrok was forced to implement stiff penalties for misbehavior. It falls to the Marrok’s son Charles to be the enforcer of those packs who cannot bring themselves to kill their own and now the many kills are taking their toll.

When the Marrok receives a call for assistance he decides the change of pace is exactly what is called for and sends Anna to assist Boston area law enforcement and the FBI with Charles going along as protection. It quickly becomes clear the serial killer isn’t just targeting werewolves as it appears the fae have been the primary prey for years. The most recent victim is a young, half-fae dancer who will be killed by the most painful means possible unless Anna and Charles can find her. Unfortunately, their activities will not go unnoticed and soon, Anna will be next on the menu unless Charles and some new allies can ferret out the nest of evil.

Third in the Alpha and Omega series, Briggs delivers an interesting, fast-paced urban fantasy with a nice tie-in to the ongoing Mercy Thompson series that fans are sure to enjoy. The antagonists are believable and nasty enough to provide a strong hunt for law enforcement and werewolves alike. There is a scene with a witch in a morgue that is just plain creepy. The conclusion offers a surprise twist that hints of more to come from this imaginative writer who always leaves fans anxiously waiting for the next tale. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.