Book Review: Faery Tale

In a spectacular leap of faith, Signe Pike and her amazingly supportive fiancé Eric left their Manhattan careers and relocate in Charleston, N.C. prior to her extensive journey in search of magic. Beginning with a terrifying encounter with an angry red-eyed creature in Mexico, Signe then traveled throughout the British Isles. Basing her travels on old books and current local lore, Signe searched out quiet glens, ancient ruins and sacred sites for evidence of faeries and a world apart from our own. Throughout her journey, Signe met with people who still hold a kernel of belief in the faery folk and discovered for herself, a broader view of the world and an appreciation for the unseen spirit world.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in the unseen world of wee folk and magic, this is an engagingly told journey of self-discovery and yes, even a bit of magic. Her travels helped Signe come to terms with the devastating loss of her father and established the groundwork for a new chapter in her life. Warm and full of emotion, this book will enchant, enlighten and entertain.

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