Book Review: Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues

Being turned into a zombie was probably the best thing to happen to Angel Crawford as the change brought a decent job and the opportunity to better herself along with a hunger for brains. That does not mean life has gotten any easier for Angel.  After being held up at gunpoint at the morgue where she worked resulted in the loss of a body, the media had a field day with her felony conviction, which placed her job in jeopardy. Even Angel’s boyfriend, Deputy Marcus Ivanov seems to have difficulty believing her account of the robbery and worse, is so convinced she is jealous of another woman that he won’t give credence to her very valid concerns. An introduction to Marcus’s powerful uncle Pietro Ivanov only increases Angel’s suspicions that all is not well within the zombie ranks or in a research facility attempting to create artificial brains. Ed, the zombie hunter Angel set free after he shot both her and Marcus reappears, more paranoid then ever which in this case, is a good thing as she is going to need someone watching her back while she fights for her life.

Clearly feeling her lack of education and fearing the loss of her job, Angel could easily slip back into old habits but instead, decides to continue trying to better herself. Angel has some good fun at an old “friend’s” expense and is evolving into a character to cheer for. Rowland’s explanation of a zombie’s hunger for brains actually makes surprising sense and adds a credible feel to this entertaining, well-executed new series. It should prove interesting to see what further adventures await this plucky, trashy yet very smart poor white zombie chick.

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