Book Review: Eternal Kiss

The Eternal Order of vampires who make no secret of abusing their power to maintain complete control has artificially forced one of three brothers, Nicholas Roman into early vampire maturity or morpho. After receiving the marks of his maturity including the mating marks, the Order charges Nicholas with killing Ethan Dare an Impureblood who threatens their carefully laid plans. It is a task his brother Alex was unable to carry out which led to the Order forcing Nicholas through morpho and should he fail, his younger brother Lucien will suffer the same fate.

Kate Everborne braves the consequences of leaving her credenti in order to deliver Ladd, a newly orphaned boy to his supposed father after the witnessing the murder of his mother. Sparks fly as soon as Nicholas meets Kate and the existence of a son comes as a complete surprise to the newly matured male who suspects Dare is behind the obvious lie. After Kate is attacked on the train home, Nicholas begins believing that there is something larger at work, especially as he can’t seem to keep his hands off her. Determined to protect his brother, Nicholas has no option but to work with the frustratingly secretive Kate, attempt to bond with Ladd and carry out the Order’s decree even if it kills him.

Book two of the Mark of the Vampire series expands on the Order and their agenda as well as the ongoing insurrection of the Impurebloods. The romance between Nicholas and Kate is a treat to watch as they both have plenty of issues but that doesn’t keep them from feeling an incredible attraction. The inclusion of Ladd adds an interesting subplot as does Lucien’s future because he might well damn himself before the Order gets a chance to. One of the twists at the climax will not come as much of a surprise but adds another layer to the rift between Purebloods and Impurebloods that is likely to play a large role in the next installment.


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