Book Review: English Ruins

England’s long history has resulted in a fascinating array of abandoned structures dotting the countryside and now, thanks to the expertise of photographer Paul Barker and historian Jeremy Musson, these buildings are accessible to the armchair traveler. A color-coded map next to the index allows readers to immediately identify what type of building and where each ruin is located. Evocative, forlorn, yet strangely noble, these pictures capture a sense of grandeur lost while sending the message that these places deserve to be protected and preserved for the appreciation of future generations. Each chapter starts with a historical overview of every site, its former owners, purpose and fate, a perfect accompaniment to the color photography. Even in their decrepit state these ruins, one with a lovely restored fountain of Perseus and Andromeda, evoke a sense of elegance lost and wonders to be discovered around the next corner. This book is a gem for anyone interested in history, architecture, travel or looking to sharpen their photographic eye.


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