Book Review: Encounters

The Sheldon Museum of Art houses an impressive photography collection numbering almost twenty-five hundred pieces beginning with the birth of the art form and on to the present day. This collection is arranged by themes including gender issues, tradition, religion, rites of passage and more rather then chronologically. What sets this book apart from most photography books is this collection focuses on the artists rather then their work though each is represented by an excellent example. From instantly recognizable names such as Robert Mapplethorpe and John A. Anderson to lesser known photographers like Catherine Opie and Cecil Beaton, each are given a full-page bio that provides historical, social and political context for their work. This excellent assemblage of over one hundred photos of primarily black and white and sepia pieces strives to show a multinational world in transition, a goal it meets and exceeds. This volume will delight photography buffs, design students and anyone with an eye for art.

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