Book Review: Enchanted Adornments

Jewelers looking to expand their horizons will find much to enjoy in Thornton’s new book that combines metal clay, resin, wirework, beads and more to create twenty multimedia projects. In addition to step-by-step instructions, each design includes a charming, fanciful story and watercolors giving readers the sense of flipping through a personal journal. This unusual approach won’t appeal to those looking for a strictly “how-to” format but it adds dimension to the designs while demonstrating how inspiration can come from a variety sources.

The Petal Cascade hairpin and earrings make good use of delicate designs rendered on shrink plastic while the two-tone Sculptural Scrimshaw collar utilizes the versatility of polymer clay. With its time in a bottle theme, the Time + Memory Necklace is a simple yet effective design but finding a source of the hollow clear glass beads may prove difficult. Most designs are easy enough for beginners to tackle yet innovative enough to spark the interest of intermediate jewelry makers. Although the majority of projects require simple, relatively inexpensive tools and materials, proper firing of precious metal clay typically requires a kiln, a pricey piece of equipment for those on a budget.


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