Book Review: Elusion

Teenaged Regan is struggling with the apparent murder of her father David Welch, inventor of the incredible new escapism app known as Elusion. With a visor and wristband, Elusion allows wearers to leave their mundane lives, the polluted air and grime encrusted buildings behind while enjoying the wonders of a pristine world. Regan’s mother uses the app to escape the grief of losing David but for Regan, having to return to reality afterward is simply too difficult to bear. Regan’s best friend Patrick is heir apparent to Orexis, the company developing and releasing Elusion. Patrick worked with David through the development stage and from outside appearances, it seems to Regan that her father’s role is being ignored. Josh, a handsome former classmate of Patrick along with others have reservations about the safety of Elusion, especially in younger users. Before his death, David realized that and worked some unauthorized extras into Elusion, now there are those who will stop at nothing to undo what has already begun and reality takes on new dimensions.

With an interesting storyline featuring believable technology, Elusion lives up to the promise hinted at by the lovely cover. While the need to escape a world overwhelmed by crushing pollution is understandable, there appears to be little or no effort being made to improve the situation which is rather perplexing. Watching Patrick’s character change through the story was a curious development and the budding possible romance between Regan and Josh comes as no surprise yet this does not detract from the fast moving tale. Reasonable world building and an inventive premise make for a respectable start a new young adult series. The conclusion does an excellent job of wrapping up the immediate saga while setting the stage for the next installment that promises to be even more absorbing.

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