Book Review: Ecstasy Untamed

Although Hawke, a Feral Warrior has been freed from the spirit trap that held him captive, the resulting separation from his animal will doom him to a slow death. Hawke’s once solid control is gone and the life-sustaining spirit bond was melting away when Maxim, the newest fox Feral arrives at the compound with Faith. From the first, Hawke and Faith are attracted to each other and although she has a calming effect on him, they cannot follow their desires, as she is to be Maxim’s mate.

Unlike most of the Therian race, Faith enjoys being around humans and has devoted herself to assisting the homeless. Few people see beneath Faith’s dazzling smile and compassionate nature to the insecurities that plague her. From the start, the mating bond between Maxim and Faith was different and it soon becomes clear there is something dark about him. The other Feral’s begin to suspect their ancient enemies the Mage’s are at work again yet they failed to fully appreciate how evil Maxim and his plans really were until it was nearly too late.

Darker then previous titles, Palmer’s sixth book of the Feral Warrior series delivers an excellent, smoothly paced paranormal romance that manages to answer several questions about the nature of Feral’s. Hawke and Faith’s strong though flawed characters provide realism and it’s a treat watching how their trust and attraction develop into something more. The antagonists are equally strong, particularly Maxim who comes off as a truly nasty piece of work. Once again, Palmer finishes with a cliffhanger that will leave readers on tenterhooks as they await the next installment. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.