Book Review: Ecodesign

Over one hundred innovative international products from clothing to appliances, transportation to furniture, each adhering to sound, sustainable principles are highlighted in this three-language compilation. Beginning with an explanation of what constitutes sustainable ecologically friendly products including material use with an awareness of its eventual recycling, the book is then divided into eight chapters covering a variety of items. From Chinese designer Yu Guoqun comes a facet that not only monitors how much water is being used but also uses the water flow through it to generate the LED display. The Convertible Kitchen and Tile Kitchen offer bare bones designs that while adaptable, have a very sterile feel with limited appeal. American studio IDEO developed the Aquaduct, an interesting bicycle that purifies water as it is peddled making it ideal for underdeveloped countries although there is no mention about the unit cost. The tastiest item by far is the Cookie Cup, an edible espresso cup that won the 2003 Turin Food Design competition.
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