Book Review: Eclipse Four

This fourth anthology loosely based on some facet of time or space features several enjoyable surprises as illustrated by the first story about an interesting bet in “Slow as a Bullet” by Andy Duncan. Damien Broderick’s “The Beancounter’s Cat” is a fascinating tale including a talking feline packing plenty of attitude about choices with the power to reshape existence as certain civilizations know it. Shoppers’ ghosts reside at a mall, going on and off the clock, repeating their deaths, feeding upon those who begin to remember senses like smell in “Old Habits” by Nalo Hopkinson. These are just a sampling of the fourteen very different short stories by a variety of both award winning and lesser-known authors.

Although there is no strong uniting theme to this collection each story is inventive, thought provoking and a few are simply good fun. Look no further for the perfect vacation read.

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