Book Review: Dust of the Damned

In order to win the historic battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln engaged the services of the Hell’s Angels, a European gang of werewolves that were supposed to return home after the dirty work had been done. Instead, they scattered throughout the American southwest wreaking havoc on the human population. Bounty hunter Uriah Zane goes after swillers and all manner of ghouls yet even the sight of a dragon in flight took him aback. After Charlie Hondo, a notoriously vicious werewolf and a couple of his buddies escaped incarceration with the unexpected assistance of a dragon, Uriah teams up with Deputy Marshal Angel Coffin to hunt and kill them. Uriah and Angel have a long, sorted history hunting together and though this starts out pretty much like any other bounty hunt, it soon becomes clear there is far more dangerous then most.

An ancient werewolf ruler looking to regain his power and begin new reign has found the perfect vessel. A powerful witch aided by a dragon she conjured, follows the path to power by assisting Charlie Hondo and his cronies find a lost city of gold where the spirit of the long dead werewolf ruler resides. To keep the world safe, Uriah and Angel must pool their resources and abilities while setting aside their differences. Despite their occasional on and off romantic encounters, Angel was unprepared for the truth about Uriah, a truth that could see her putting a permanent end to him.

Fast paced, slightly tongue in cheek and full of surprises, this entertaining tale is a delightful romp through a very wild west. Though booksellers are knee deep in werewolf stories, few offer such a fresh, fun adventure with larger then life villains and lawman.
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