Book Review: Dreaming Awake

When overly sheltered Theia Alderson first responded to burning young man who fell from the sky onto the lawn one night, she never could have imagined how that would change her well-ordered life. In the halls of her high school, Theia immediately recognizes the new boy, Haden Black as the man who was burning in her yard. As an unusual dreamland courtship unfolds between them, Theia is placed in a position where she must accept demon blood to save Haden. Now Theia has returned from the nightmare land of Under to a host of problems. She is so far behind at school Theia won’t graduate with her class, she’s afraid to interact too closely with her best friends, struggling with gut-ripping hungers and estranged from her father.

From the minute Haden’s mother Mara, the demon queen shows up as none other then her father’s girlfriend, Theia is understandably terrified. Mara is responsible for infecting her with demon blood and as students throughout the high school begin falling ill to a mysterious wasting disease, Theia has no idea if Haden, his mom or herself is to blame. Although Theia tries hard to keep her friends out of danger, it is only with their assistance that she stands a chance of fighting off the darkness within, saving them all from Mara’s deadly designs and establishing a new order.

Picking up the story immediately following the conclusion of Falling Under, this well crafted paranormal read continues to build on the inventive world of Under. Theia’s relationship with her father, friends, Haden and the demon queen along with issues of trust make this more then a simple horror story. The chilling conclusion spells big changes for Theia and Haden as they attempt to balance their hard won humanity with the demands of Under. Though written for young adults, this will appeal to paranormal readers of all ages.

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